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Facts and Statistics
bullet Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to brain cells.
bullet A stroke occurs when blood flow is interrupted to part of the brain.
bullet Without blood, brain cells quickly begin to die. 
bullet Every second that the brain is deprived of oxygen, 32,000 brain cells die. 
bullet 85% of stroke victims are eligible for the clot busting drug, tissue plasminogen activator, or tPA. 
bullet 95% of patients who are eligible for tPA do not actually arrive at the hospital within the maximum time of application, which is three hours.   


bullet New or recurrent stroke will happen to 795,000 Americans every year.
bullet About 610,000 of these are first or new strokes.
bullet About 185,00 strokes are recurrent strokes. 
bullet Almost 25% will have a recurrent stroke. 
bullet Stroke occurs about every 40 seconds.
bullet Stroke is a leading cause of serious long-term disability.
bullet Approximately 1/3 of all stroke survivors will have another stroke within five years.  
bullet About 14% will have another within one year.
bullet Stroke causes death in 1 of 19 instances.
bullet Stroke causes death about every 4 minutes.
bullet Stroke is the No. 5 cause of death. 
bullet Stroke kills more than 137,000 people a year.
bullet Stroke causes death in about 40% of males.
bullet Stroke causes death in about 60% of females.


  1. American Stroke Association (ASA)
  2. National Stroke Association (NSSA)
  3. National Institute of Neurolgical Disorders and Strokes (NINDS)

Stroke Warning Signs

bullet Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body   
bullet Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding   
bullet Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes   
bullet Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination   
bullet Sudden, severe headache with no known cause

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